2019 Officers:  Patty Balhiser – Vice President; Mary Bryson, President- Linda Cockhill -Treasurer, June Briceno – Secretary
2019 Officers: Patty Balhiser – Vice President; Mary Bryson, President- Linda Cockhill -Treasurer, June Briceno – Secretary

Ladies League

Girls Gone Golfing

We are inviting you to come out and golf with us!

Are you a GMCC club member, but not a member of the Ladies Green Meadow Golf Association?

IT’S OK, you don’t have to be to play with us, any club member can play!!

Don’t have a handicap established yet?

IT’S OK, you can establish one with us.

Don’t know the rules of golf very well?

Well, very few of us do… but – IT’S OK, we will help you learn the rules and etiquette of golf.

Don’t want to play 18 holes all the time?

IT’S OK, every week some of us only play 9 holes.

Like to be around great friends and meet new ones?


If you are interested in learning more about our Green Meadow Ladies Golf Association contact President Mary Bryson, by emailing her here.

  • Congratulations to Mary Ann VanStrydonck – 2018’s most improved golfer!
    Congratulations to Mary Ann VanStrydonck – 2018’s most improved golfer!
    • BEST AVERAGE NET:  Best average net of all weekly scores

      • 1st     Marie Kall                 74.4
      • 2nd    Jan Paulsen                74.75

      BEST AVERAGE GROSS:  Best average gross of all weekly scores

      • 1st    Andrea Tucker            87.25
      • 2nd    Mary Bryson               87.50  

      PAR OR LESS MOST OFTEN:  18-hole player who scored net par most often

      • Linda Cockhill                      3 Times

      PUTTING AVERAGE:  Best putting average for the entire season

      • Tina Veroulis                      32.625


      • Linda Cockhill                      27

      MOST CHIP IN’S DURING THE SEASON: tie with 1 (drawing)

      • June Briceno
      • Caroline Doering
      • Janet Lieberg
      • Tina Veroulis


      • Connie Ford                       2


      GROSS SCORE    

                1st     Mary Bryson                      70

             2ND    Andrea Tucker                   71



                  1ST       Janet Lieberg                    52

             2nd    Judy Flanders                    53



      MOST IMPROVED GOLFER:     MaryAnn VanStrydonck

      CLUB CHAMPION:               Darah Newell

      SENIOR CLUB CHAMPION:     Tina Veroulis

    Ladies final scramble and league play will be August 21st

    Congratulations to Ladies Club Champion  Darah Newell  and Senior Club Champion Tina Veroulis

    Congratulations to Connie Ford – low gross and Linda Lindsay low net at the Grannie Tournament

    Congratulations to Lynn Snyder who placed first in her flight AND HAD A HOLE IN ONE!

    Mary Ann VanStrydonck who also finished first in her flight.  To Renee Driessen who placed third and Anna DeMars who played in the Amateur tournament and placed 7th overall.

    2018 Ray Hunthausen Hole 9

    Fund Raiser

    July 13-14. 2018

    The GMCC Ladies Association had another successful Hole 9 Fund Raiser, because of the generosity and volunteer work of its members.  A special thank you goes to all morning and evening league women who volunteered their time and cookie donations  toward this project.

    The men were appreciative of the cookies, cold towels and water offered to them at the hole on both days.  In turn, they were very generous with their donations.

    On day one we netted $1,011 and on day two $920.00.  The expenses were for towels, $23.64 and bananas $10.32.  The towels can be used again, so I recommend that the association pay for them.

    I would like to thank my co-chair, Connie Ford.  Could not have done it without her assistance.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Tina Veroulis, Chair

    Ladies League Calendar 2018

    24-Apr Tuesday SPRING FLING – Games, Wine Tasting, Great Food! 6 p.m. No Host appetizers; League Sign-up
    1-May Tuesday League – Morning & Evening League Start: Scramble, Monthly Meeting

    Morning: 9:00 a.m., 18 holes

    Evening: 5:45 p.m., 9 holes

    8-May Tuesday League  
    15-May Tuesday League  
    22-May Tuesday League  
    29-May Tuesday League  
    5-June Tuesday League – Scramble, Monthly Meeting Start of 9-hole Morning League! 10:00 a.m.
    June 12-15 Mon-Fri GMCC Junior Camp  
    12-Jun Tuesday League  
    19-Jun Tuesday League  
    26-Jun Tuesday

    League – Scramble, Monthly Meeting


    Women’s Cancer Fundraiser
    June 30-July 1 Sat-Sun Ray Hunthausen Junior Golf Classic Team Event Fundraiser
    3-Jul Tuesday League Red, White, Blue Tournament
    10-Jul Tuesday League  
    July 12-14 Thurs-Sat GOLD RUSH – Member/Guest Hole #9 Fundraiser!
    17-Jul Tuesday League  
    19-Jul Thursday Grannies Tournament AM Shotgun – 9 holes & lunch
    24-Jul Tuesday League  
    July 26-28 Thurs-Sat MSWGA WOMEN’S STATE TOURNAMENT Missoula Country Club
    31-Jul Tuesday League – Scramble, Monthly Meeting  
    Aug 4-5 Sat/Sun Club Championship All women welcome!
    7-Aug Tuesday NO League – State Senior Tournament Course Closed
    Aug 11-12 Sat/Sun City Tournament Sat-BRGC/Sun-GMCC
    14-Aug Tuesday LADIES INVITATIONAL  
    Aug 18-19 Sat/Sun Gre-Bil Competition Sat-BRGC/Sun-GMCC
    21-Aug Tuesday League  
    Aug 25-26 Sat/Sun GMCC Member/Member Grab a Friend – Have FUN!
    28-Aug Tuesday League – Scramble, Monthly Meeting

    Year End Awards Luncheon

    Evening Couples Event

    • Thank you for your interest in the Green Meadow Country Club Ladies League! Please fill out the form below

  • Letter from the President

    September Divot 2018

    Wow!  School’s started, Labor Day is over and that means a traditional end to the summer.  However, given our unpredictable weather I expect we will be golfing well into the fall.  The current weather this week has moved the smoke out of Helena so we can enjoy our Montana Indian Summer!

    August was a very busy month for the ladies at Green Meadow.  We enjoyed the Club Championship – congratulations to Darah Newell our club champion and to Tina Veroulis our Senior Club Champion.  I will continue to encourage all ladies to participate in this event.  The club puts together an enjoyable weekend for us all.

    August continued with our annual Gre-Bil event.  That’s where our ladies play a match play competition with the Bill Roberts ladies.  Thanks to Jan Paulsen for putting the team and event together.  We had a “pairings party” the week before to set up the team competitions.  It was similar to the Ryder Cup event and was fun.  I must report that we were able to pull out a victory with great play by our team.  We retained the trophy so take a look in the trophy case to check it out.

    Thank you to all the ladies that played in the Member/Member tournament.  It was a great weekend at the course, and many thanks to Chef for the great meals!  We had 10 women’s teams this year, and I had a good time playing with some ladies I haven’t played with before.  What a great way to get to know other members!

    We closed out our Ladies Morning League with our Awards Luncheon.  I’ve attached the winners of our annual tournaments.  Also, take a look at the Ringer Board posted in the Ladies Locker Room.  It’s fun to see how we score on each hole and what our score would be if we just hit those scores each time we played!  The Evening League closed out their summer with the annual Couples Chapman plus dinner.  A fun time was had by all the participants!  And the weather was great!  Many thanks to Susan Lagerquist for all her efforts with Evening League!

    I will keep looking for you on the golf course this fall and check out the website for the Rules Corner this winter for some more “Do you know your rules?” articles.  I’ll keep you posted on the upcoming rules changes scheduled for January 2019.

    Thanks for a great summer on the golf course!

    Mary Bryson, President

    The Rules Corner

    Let’s start our discussion of the changes to the Rules of Golf by looking at rules related to a “Ball at Rest.” In 2019 the Rules will reflect the following change:

    There will no longer be a penalty if you accidentally cause your ball to move on the putting green (Rule 13.1d). I know, some of you didn’t realize there was a penalty for the ball moving when you placed your marker down, or lifted it up, or even accidentally moved your ball when you took your stance, or took a practice swing on the green. No worries, with the adoption of the new rule, there is no longer a penalty. The USGA tells us that the reason for the change is that “when a ball moves while the player is doing nothing more than taking normal actions to prepare for a stroke, it can seem unfair for the player to be penalized.” I totally agree and am glad this change has been made. As Derek will tell us, “the shape, slope and condition of many putting greens today increase the chances that ball at rest on the putting green might move, and it can be difficult to determine whether a player caused the ball to move or whether the ball was moved by wind or other natural causes.” I find that true – especially on some of our greens (say #3 or #8).

    That’s all for now – we’ll talk more next month!

    Mary Bryson


    • Morning League – 18 holes
    • Dues $40 per season
    • 8:30am arrival for 9am shotgun start.
    • Lunch following 18 hole play.
    • Sign-up in the women’s locker room by Monday, prior to Tuesdays play or call the ProShop if you are a late addition or cancellation. You can also sign up by emailing Patty Balhiser here.


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